Magnifique Macaron Stud Earrings

Magnifique Macaron Stud Earrings

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You can never get too sweet, so indulge your look with this shell pink macaron brooch that features an iridescent finish across all its delicate layers.

Confectionary de choix for Queen Catherine de Medici. We favor the raspberry, but we're willing to compromise.

Please note each piece may differ slightly from the next and from the examples pictured. This 'Magnifique Macaron Brooch’ features a unique iridescent bubble resin that has patterns and textures within it. On different angles and under different lighting conditions these patterns can present as highlights, shadows, lines, stripes, or patches where the iridescence starts or stops. This is simply the nature of this particular sweet pink resin and makes each and every piece entirely unique from the next!

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