Jewellery Care

Please follow these simple steps to protect your jewellery:

Avoid contact with chemicals and soap.

Please remove your jewellery when cleaning and handling chemicals, as well as when applying perfume. Chemicals can affect the surface of your jewellery and soaps often build up under the setting, stopping the light from shining through and preventing your jewellery from 'sparkling'.

We also recommend you limit the amount of exposure to hand sanitiser - we have seen some effects from increased used recently (we still recommend using sanitiser - just remove your rings to apply it (if possible). 

Don’t wear your jewellery in the shower/bath/pool.

Bathing in your jewellery means exposing it to chemicals and soaps. We recommend removing it before bathing and swimming. 

Take your jewellery off to sleep.

We find that customers that wear their jewellery to bed find that they often lose earring backs, bend earring posts and catches, break chains and bracelets and find that their jewellery tarnishes much more quickly.  

Care for your jewellery regularly.

We recommend giving your jewellery a quick wipe with a jewellery cloth on a regular basis. This will remove any tarnish that has built up (any metal that is exposed to air will tarnish, it is quite normal).

Store your jewellery in a safe place.

Keep your jewellery in a safe or jewellery box. You will always know where to find it and if you can stop the air from getting to your jewellery, you will slow down the tarnishing rate. 

It is also advisable to ensure you have adequate insurance cover for your jewellery. Some insurers may require a separate listing of your valuable items, as well as recent professional valuations. See your insurer for more details. We can arrange a valuation for you - simply bring your items in-store for a quotation. 

Get it professionally cleaned.

Whilst we are happy to recommend products to enable you to clean your jewellery at home, nothing beats a professional clean. Your jewellery will look like new! We can assist you in-store with cleaning, buffing and rhodium plating (rhodium plating gives white gold jewellery that bright, white look and needs to be reapplied regularly, usually every year or two).