Our Story


Kadina Jewellers is the premier jewellery store for Kadina and the Copper Coast region because we believe regional towns should have access to beautiful, classic and timeless jewellery and receive quality, trusted services.
We do that by sourcing contemporary and distinctive jewellery from leading brands, by designing and creating unique, custom-made pieces and by lovingly repairing and restoring family treasures.


Kadina Jewellers was born when Leading Edge Jewellers and Russack’s Jewellers merged in 2018. Lisa Robertson and Mark Northcott opened Leading Edge Jewellers in 2009. Lisa’s family has a 40-year background in jewellery so it’s safe to say jewellery is in her DNA.
Mark and Leanne Russack were the third generations to manage Russack’s Jewellers. After 45 years of repairing watches and clocks for the Kadina community, Mark’s heart doesn’t beat – it ticks!
Mark’s desire to semi-retire spurred the decision to combine the strengths of the two stores. We are the perfect blend of modern and traditional. While Lisa searches for the latest designs and brands to stock, Mark continues to provide his expertise to watchmaking and repairs.
Together, Lisa and Mark bring nearly 130 years of a proud family tradition to their customers and a combined passion for sharing the joy of jewellery.


Our values are simple – we pride ourselves on providing classic and elegant pieces, friendly service and renowned expertise. We believe purchasing jewellery should be a memorable event and have a created an intimate space to deliver that.
We invest personal care and time with our customers so they walk out with what we call “the golden  grin .” It’s the look they get when they know they’ve bought an exquisite piece of jewellery or their family treasure has been restored. Put simply, we believe everyone should walk out of our store with that look.